About Jordan’s Art World

Sometimes you know what you wanted to be right from early childhood. Bridget Jordan has spent a lifetime as an artist. As a child, our owner won multiple art contests, and their work was highlighted across many arenas over the years. Considered an emotional artist, Bridget’s body of work invokes an emotional response in the viewer.

Healing Through Art

After they fractured their spine in the army, they started painting again in their hospital bed. Everyone who saw the work encouraged them to keep it up and to pursue their passion. Art is well-known to offer therapeutic benefits and assist in healing PTSD, which was the case for Bridget.

As a disabled veteran, Bridget is assertive, professional, and committed to the business of art. They understand that their only competition is themselves but are always looking for ways to improve in life and help others.

Artist Painting An Abstract In The Studio.